Cybersecurity leading the pack

When we talk about the most demanded work positions in 2018 for the IT and telecommunications industry, those roles dedicated to cybersecurity take the first place: the need for specialists and professionals in cybersecurity is at an all-time high. Security Analysts and Security Architects will be the most sought-after. More and more organizations are looking for cybersecurity experts because the scope and implications of being attacked continue to grow and the consequences can be devastating for a company, its customers and suppliers – this goes hand in hand with cybersecurity spending increasing exponentially, both in software development and in human resources. Gartner predicts that global cybersecurity spending will increase by 7% during 2018, and will become an industry of US $ 96.3 billion.

Other jobs in IT

Forbes anticipates that the IoT industry will grow from $ US157 billion in 2016 to $ US457 billion by 2020 due to the increasing amount of data – and businesses need people who can understand this data. Professionals are needed to provide meaning to business data and turn them into ideas and action plans – either to identify changes in consumer behavior or new business opportunities that have not yet been detected at a glance. Data without an analysis has no value whatsoever, which explains the sharp increase in Data Scientists and Data Analysts positions. Additionally, Drupal, PHP, Native iOS and Android Developers will be other positions in high demand, as companies continue to adopt new technologies. Finally, the popularity of digital transformations in many business will drive the need for Change Management professionals, Business Analysts and Project Managers.   To read more about the development in Drupal, PHP and PWA that we offer in Tooit, click here.-