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PWAs are web applications that combine two of the best technologies from different fields: responsive web development and native mobile applications development – similar to those that can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store.

The current evolution of the enormous plugin ecosystem, communities and development frameworks, simplifies the implementation and maintenance of a Progressive Web App, when compared to those native applications that we can find on the respective download marketplaces.


JavaScript technology applied to web development has been growing for more than 20 years. The rise of frameworks like Meteor JS, Node JS, Angular JS, etc. have led JavaScript to become the most refined and scalable language among other object-oriented programming languages.

At Tooit we use Meteor JS to develop our JavaScript applications. Meteor JS allows us to write in 10 lines of code what would otherwise take 1000, empowered by the JavaScript Stack integrated in the framework that spans from the database to the end user’s screen.

Meteor JS helps develop applications that execute JavaScript in the server and in the end user’s browser, incorporating real time update capabilities and unprecedented offline-use of an application.

At Tooit we are able to use the same code when developing for web, iOS, Android or a desktop application. This significant advantage of Meteor JS frees the user from having to download a new native application from Google Play or App Store.


Mobile web reach

Top 1000 mobile apps vs. top 1000 mobile web Unique visitors in millons

Mobile web engagement

Top 1000 mobile apps vs. top 1000 mobile web Average minutes per visitor

Progresive Web Apps

Radically better web experiences

A PWA combines the power of accessibility and indexing of your web content with the natural appeal of mobile applications. A real impact in the digital market.




Forbes PWA Case

Forbes is re-defining modern web development with Progressive Web App technology. Watch Video


Cost Savings

There are technical aspects that contribute to decrease the investment in development. The possibility of having a single version of the same application for different platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows and other mobile platforms allows you to focus technical resources in one direction. This is because you only have to build one PWA that runs on all these operating systems (browsers).

Connectivity Independence

Online connectivity is not necessary for its execution and operation, being able to update data autonomously whenever it finds a connection, without the user’s intervention.


This allows updating the content of any page, without the need to refresh. This innovative feature opens an opportunity for creativity in the use of this technology.

Responsive Design

Its aesthetics (look and feel) adapts to any device. It can be presented in full screen (without the URL bar) and does not depend on the installed browser on the mobile device, since it incorporates the minimum necessary functions for its operation in a built-in navigator.


They are identifiable and indexable by search engines, declared as Web Applications thanks to the W3C manifesto and the “service worker” scope included in its technical services. A feature that incorporates SEO benefits and web relevance, as opposed to the display inability of native applications.


The key to success when developing digital products lies in the ability to research and create synergies between a combination of technologies and software architecture design.

flipkart pwa


Flipkart uses a progressive web app for a popular e-commerce platform Flipkart Lite benefiting from offering the installation on the user’s first login to the website.

air berlin pwa


Implemented a complete PWA check-in process allowing users to access their tickets without an internet connection.

telegram pwa


The new messaging platform offers different visualizations (desktop & mobile) on the same application and message content updates in a reactive way.

5miles pwa


5 miles improved by 50% its bounce rate, increased by 30% the time spent by its users and increased 30% of sales conversions by migrating their app to a Progressive Web App technology.



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