We implement Kubernetes and virtualize your cloud

Hosted on any cloud provider or your own bare metal.


We help companies to adopt and manage Kubernetes.

At the end of the journey,
your digital business will be 100% virtual
and easy to manage in two flavors.

We designed two alternatives with different ecosystems that offer similar scopes, each with a different approach.

Managed: based on the use of Kubernetes provided by AWS, GC, Azure or Digital Ocean as a service from your cloud provider.

On Premises: gives you the liberty to implement Kuberneres by integrating different processing systems within its heterogeneous cloud, to build a solid and truly agnostic virtual ecosystem.  Learn more
docker containers
lets encrypt


We enable devops teams to adopt
Kubernetes & Virtual containers in an easy way.

Managed Kubernetes & Agnostic cloud

Kubernetes is the most advanced managing containers platform in the market today. This growth will allow your company think in adopt advanced strategies.

Cloud Maintenance

With the involvement of Tooit in the maintenance process your cloud will be fine and you don’t worried about the maintenance.

SSL Certificates

We use Let’s Encrypt as the new Certificate Authority (CA) that offers FREE SSL certificates that are just as secure as paid certificates.

Application Virtualization in Docker Containers

We make run all your applications in Dockers virtual containers, offering the faster alternative to running full virtual machines over hypervisors in the market.

Backup & Restore

We store incremental databases and public multimedia files for all your applications and restore them in the event of system failure.

Monitoring & Alerts

We use real-time monitoring tools to gather your cloud metrics and trigger alerts to our DevOps engineers so we can have proactive response.



Using Kubernetes container orchestrator we install, configure and manage your own cluster. We help Dockerize your applications and deploy them on-premise or using any cloud provider such as AWS, Azure, Google or on your own Bare Metal warranting the continuity of your business.

Health Monitoring

Adding real-time monitoring tools who collects your cluster health metrics, we can deliver notifications to any collaborative software (Slack, HipChat, Mattermost, RocketChat and even your Inbox) so you can have a proactive course of action during unexpected downtime.

Accelerate your team

Discovering how your team win time every day with Kubernetes, simplifying and acquiring flexibility with the cloud manage and increasing the availability of yours applications.
Your team will integrate these new technologies without any hassle.


We love helping teams gain expertise in managing Kubernetes and their containeraized applications. Adding value to an early and quick adoption, we will provide support for all sorts of business and industries while preserving your Cloud components healthy.



Container Manager

ON BOARDING Kubernetes
One Shoot investment



Hosted on any cloud provider
or your own bare metal

Unlimited features

KUBERNETES Container Manager
Unlimited Features

Starting at U$S 2,000


Provided by AWS, GC, Azure
and DigitalOcean

Limited features

KUBERNETES Container Manager
Limited features

Starting at U$S 2,300


APPLICATION VIRTUALIZATION – Starting at U$S 600 per Application
Transform application in a Docker container

MONTHLY FEE – Starting at U$S 99 per Application
24×7 Jira support tickets. High, Medium and Low priority ticket resolution.
Check out our SLA model

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