Business Case

Universidad de San Andrés

How Tooit built the new web platform for
Universidad de San Andrés, adapting its content to
multiple mobile devices.

Our Customer

Universidad de San Andrés (UdeSA) is an educational institution aimed at training a new generation of professionals committed to lead change in different spheres: the private sector, government administration, NGOs, and the academic field.

It was created on September 1st, 1988 by the nonprofit organization “Asociación Civil Educativa Escocesa San Andrés” and began operating as a private University on August 23, 1990. UdeSA is widely recognized, both locally and interna- tionally, as an educational model providing unique programs in Argentina.

The Opportunity

Among the different aspects that drove UdeSA to develop their own Content Management System (CMS) platform the following may be stated:

The increasing use of mobile devices by students and professors which require an immediate update on mobile technology.
The creation of digital content by multiple teams, which require the use of organic collaboration tools, as well as the possibility of controlling quality through an approval process.

Tooit created an array of functions which help manage editorial content, for example: – An automated publishing calendar – Generation of web components without assistance – Web managed image and video – SEO tools, among others. UdeSA needed a web platform including an architecture capable of delivering real time content to mobile applications using APIs as digital connectors.

Solutions & Tools

Tooit worked together with UdeSA’s Communications Department to gather all relevant information related to functions and critical elements required both for the management system and the user’s experience. Based on the results, Tooit brought to the Executive Board of UdeSA a work plan adapted to the organization’s needs and timing, which included different stages of implementation and delivery for all CMS functions. In addition, the team created a color palette to identify business units and products, organizing information on each page througIn regards the platform’s look and feel, UdeSA worked together with Tooit’s creative team in developing different visual versions for web components. Some elements were incorporated in order to capture the user’s attention and enrich the web experience, some others were used to make the access to certain information easier.

Tooit presented UdeSA’s Communications Team with two different technologies that when combined allow the coordination of different teams generating content while controlling the posting process.

Organic Groups and Workflow provided the organization with the power of collaboration among teams without losing visibility of the quality of each posted piece of content. Tooit included tools for content classification and filtering in the website’s navigation, a technique widely used in scientific research and documentation that allows users to explore information using different types of filter combinations.

Tooit’s creativity and experience in the digital arena combined with UdeSA’s wide knowledge of the graduate education environment and the expertise of their executive team transformed this project in a true CMS Best-In-Class digital platform based on Open Source technologies.


– Responsive design – Content management tool (CMS) – Editorial control process adapted to the institution’s needs. – Roles and access control for organic groups – Creation of web components based on pre-designed templates – Automatic image adjustment and compression – Event calendar compatible with Google Calendar, IOS & Microsoft Outlook – Content search and taxonomic browsing


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